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May 312011

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Diabetic neuropathy is a complication of diabetes that is not uncommon; however, it is serious and care must be taken to prevent its occurrence whenever possible. Symptoms include pain, tingling and numbness, the latter being the most dangerous symptom as loss of feeling can lead to injuries of which the person may be unaware. Diabetics often suffer from this condition in their feet and it can easily lead to blisters on the skin, which has the potential to become large, dangerous ulcers.

Choosing the appropriate socks is an essential part of good foot care, especially for diabetics. Socks for diabetic neuropathy are loose fitting and thick and are typically manufactured from highly breathable material. Diabetic socks are made in such a way that the feet are not unnecessarily constricted. Many also feature padding on the soles and are manufactured without seams. The purpose of diabetic socks is to minimize chafing and restriction and therefore prevent the aforementioned complications.

Types of Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks can be found in a variety of different materials. Many physicians recommend cotton or wool blend socks, while others suggest that acrylic socks make a better choice due to their wicking action. The socks selected should fit properly without being tight at the cuff. Many types have extra padding, which can help those who are at a high risk of ulcer development. Lighter colors are recommended, as they will not obscure the signs of a draining wound or a puncture from a foreign object.

Traditional socks typically feature prominent seams, especially in the area of the toe. Such seams can be irritating to a diabetic’s foot. Diabetic socks are usually entirely seamless or have minimal seams and feature non-binding tops. These characteristics provide better circulation for the wearer’s legs, which is one of the areas commonly damaged by diabetic neuropathy.

How to Shop for Diabetic Socks

When searching for diabetic neuropathy socks one must weigh the claims of various retailers and online vendors. Some manufacturers claim amazing results concerning their products, which can make it difficult for one to make a decision. Reading customer reviews is very helpful in this regard as one can get the opinion of those who have used the products of certain vendors and can offer unbiased opinions.

Medical Research

Examining scientific research is also essential to making the appropriate choice when shopping for socks for diabetic neuropathy. According to a study released in 1989 by Doctor A. Veves, thicker socks when worn with proper shoes for diabetic neuropathy decreases the incidence of foot ulcers in those suffering from diabetes. The study also concluded that high density socks were an excellent choice for those suffering from diabetic neuropathy. In addition, evidence suggested that thick, padded socks were helpful in keeping moisture away from the skin due to the extra cushioning they provide. With the wide variety of diabetic socks on today’s market, it should not be difficult for a person to find the ideal brand. However, those who need help with choosing a suitable pair should consult their doctor or podiatrist.

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